Seattle Courant

Artists Get Up On The Hill

By Keith Vance
October 1, 2007 12:10AM

Urban Outfitters put out a sign a week or so ago asking local artists to submit their portfolios.
Manager Jesse Jaren was the first artist to show his work in the store and now he�s looking for the next artist to showcase.

Jaren said that Urban Outfitters doesn�t charge a commission or a fee to the artist or buyers. Prospective buyers contact the artist directly.

The clothing retailer is a national chain but even so, Jaren said, �They give us the support to do this. This is a local store. We also have DJs and bands come in to perform sometimes.�

Further north on Broadway, across the street from the Harvard Exit theater is Joe Bar. The independent coffee shop also showcases local artists. Rachael Peacock is October�s selected artist. Peacock lived in Seattle when Joe Bar curator Chris Crites booked her, but she lives in Tacoma now.

Crites said that he generally selects local Seattle artists, but the only strict criteria for selection is that the artist is not showing at any other gallery. The owner of Joe Bar, Wylie Busch, donates the space. Crites, as curator, takes a commission on each sale.

He said that Joe Bar does this to support local artists and to have great art up. Crites says that he reviews between 5 and 7 portfolios a month.