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The New York Times does Seattle

The New York Times does Seattle

By Sue Frause
November 24, 2008

My initial scan of the story left me feeling a bit squeamish. There in the first paragraph I spied Sleepless in Seattle. Well, at least nothing about Starbucks or a guy named Gates. Although there was a post-grunge reference — I guess better than post-Sonics.

The bars and cafes selected were not a surprise: Matt's in the Market for dinner (although no mention that Matt has left the building); Zig-Zag for cool cocktails after dinner; Cafe Presse for a French-style breaky; and Quinn's Pub for good grub and brew. Writer Matthew Preusch, whose byline appeared in The Stranger 2001-2002, suggests Capitol Hill's Volunteer Park Conservatory and the Seattle Asian Art Museum for rain or shine activities — a refreshing alternative to downtown's splashier and oft-written about Seattle Aquarium and Seattle Art Museum. Preusch's other recommendations include the Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle Public Library, Center for Wooden Boats, and venturing over to Columbia City. I haven't been to the latter in at least three decades, when it was simply called Rainier Avenue South. It might be time for another visit.

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