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SLUT comes to Capitol Hill

SLUT comes to Capitol Hill

By Alexa Hunt
May 28, 2008

There are several major problems with the proposal. For one, the streetcars would replace the already-present Metro system. Some individuals, including city council member Tom Rasmussen, believe that the SDOT should do a side-by-side comparison of adding electric buses to the proposed routes.

Another issue is whether the number of riders would support the cost of adding the routes. The SLUT’s existing line from South Lake Union to Westlake Center has not yet had enough riders to advocate it in the time it has been running, and the additional lines would theoretically cost millions of dollars.

The main issue with the SLUT as it runs now is that it constantly gets snarled in traffic. As the trolley runs on custom-made tracks and cannot maneuver through Seattle’s streets, it can be an annoyance to its riders. The trolleys come often and at a high frequency, however.

Whether the SLUT will truly expand and come to Capitol Hill is unknown for now. Bus riders are advised to keep an eye open for any changes to their routes.