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Jordan Royer To Run For Seattle City Council Position 8

Jordan Royer To Run For Seattle City Council Position 8

By Keith Vance
February 10, 2009

The seat has been held by Richard McIver since 1997, but it doesn't appear he's interested in running for re-election.

Other than that he's the son of former mayor Charlie Royer (1978 to 1990), not much is known about Jordan Royer.

According to his online bio, Royer has worked in politics since graduating from the University of Washington.

After completing his degree in Comparative History of Ideas, he moved to San Francisco where got a job doing constituent work for Sen. Barbara Boxer.

When he returned to his hometown of Seattle, Royer was employed by the City of Seattle "organizing communities and city departments to work together to solve chronic crime and livability problems."

That was under Mayor Paul Schell, when Greg Nickels took office, Royer became the mayor's senior advisor for public safety. He quit working for the city in 2007.

In a press release, Royer said, "I am running to bring focus and common sense back to the Seattle City Council."

Correction: The story originally had Mr. Royer's first name as John rather than Jordan.

Updated on Feb. 11, 2009