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Facebook Group Encourages Peter Steinbrueck to Run for Mayor

Facebook Group Encourages Peter Steinbrueck to Run for Mayor

By Celeste Gracey
March 13, 2009

Duke Moscrip, owner of six Dukes Chowder House restaurants, announced his consideration to run this week with the fan site "If Duke Were Elected."

However, Moscrip's 20-something fans pale in comparison to Susanna William's group, "Peter Steinbrueck, for the love of Seattle, RUN FOR MAYOR!," which has about 650 members.

After the Facebook group and other individuals pleaded with Steinbrueck to run, he decided to open up to a "more active listening mode" and asked Williams to post a thread asking group members what they would change.

"I'd like to hear more than complaints about personalities and styles," Steinbrueck said.

For Steinbrueck, Facebook should be a vehicle for discussion, not just a tool for gathering support.

"I think we need to get past polls ... and have a dialog of Seattle. Whether I run or not, if I can encourage that, it will be a good thing for whoever runs."
Social networking sites and blogs, such as, are also being used to express dissatisfaction with the current mayor.

A January poll found that 28 percent of Seattleites approved of the job Nickels is doing, while 61 percent disapprove, and 10 percent are unsure, according to a Survey USA poll.

His Facebook fan site has only attracted about 150 members, which is about 100 less than the group "Send Nickels to Snow Plow School."

The anyone-but-Nickels mentality is attention grabbing, but people are too thoughtful to vote for just anyone other than the incumbent, Steinbrueck said.

"These kinds of things are expression of dissatisfaction with the current leadership. I think it's growing and it's deep and it's wide," he added.

Others considering a run for the mayor’s office include former NBA Sonics player James Donaldson and environmental advocate Michael McGinn.