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Election 2009: Initiative 99 Would Say No to Mayor's Deep-Bore Tunnel

Election 2009: Initiative 99 Would Say No to Mayor's Deep-Bore Tunnel

By Lydia Sprague
April 13, 2009

“Most of the time has been spent trying to find ways not to replace the viaduct as it is,” Campbell said.

While she understands that a lot of citizens are tired of listening to the debate over the viaduct, and just want something to be done already, it’s not yet over.

According to Campbell, “because there’s been more opposition than approval” for the tunnel, “the city is trying to set in a fatigue factor to get people to not oppose it.” By stressing how tired everyone is of talking about the viaduct, Campbell said, political leaders are trying to create a “sense of fatigue so people will just go along with it.”

Alex Fryer, spokesman for Mayor Greg Nickels, said he is hopeful that the state legislature supports the tunnel plan and he believes the people of Seattle do as well.

“I think the citizens of Seattle are getting behind this and are ready to move forward,” Fryer said. “What we hear over and over is that we want to get something done. I think the citizens are tired of this debate.”

Campbell said she wants the public to have a say in how the viaduct is replaced and how much it costs. Fryer argued that the viaduct is dangerous to commuters and needs to be replaced. Most people don’t want another bridge, he said.

“I don’t know how serious this initiative is,” Fryer said. “They need 18,000 signatures by July 20. I have not personally seen any signature gatherers nor have I heard of anyone being asked to sign.”