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Eco-friendly pizza chain coming to Capitol Hill

Eco-friendly pizza chain coming to Capitol Hill

By Jane McCarthy
May 19, 2008

The future restaurant's location at 12th and Madison is just a shell, but within weeks the Capitol Hill space will be transformed into America's most environmentally friendly restaurant chain, say owners.


Saving the planet one pizza at a time - that's the slogan behind Pizza Fusion, an eco-friendly restaurant coming to Seattle.

Pizza Fusion is being built with energy efficiency in mind and all of their deliveries will be made via eco-friendly vehicles.

"Our theme is saving the Earth one pizza at a time," said Kevin York, Pizza Fusion franchise owner.

And they're saving some local history as well. Franchise owners Kevin York and Casey Seremek will be outfitting the restaurant with materials salvaged from various landmarks around Seattle.

"Sunset Bowl in Ballard shut down as you know, so we were able to obtain barstools, tables," said Seremek.

They have pews from a church, lockers from a health club and hardwood floors from a local high school.

"This was extracted from Garfield High school in Seattle," said York. "It was in the classrooms for who knows how long."

"These are the doors that came out of the Puyallup Health Club, these are the stall doors and just to show you how serious we are about recycling, we took absolutely everything," said Seremek.

There are just a handful of Pizza Fusion restaurants now. The Seattle Pizza Fusion would be the second on the West Coast. They are hoping to open in July.