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Community Garden on John and Summit

Community Garden on John and Summit

By Keith Vance
November 05, 2007

One proponent of the garden, Kristina Sherman said a community garden would be "more interesting than just a piece of grass."

The land is owned by the Seattle Parks Department. Repeated attempts to contact someone from the department were unsuccessful, so it's not clear what the city of Seattle would like to do with the land.

The effort to create a community garden is being run by the P-Patch organization. There are more than 50 P-Patch gardens in Seattle, one is located on the Hill at 1010 East Thomas.

Gardeners pay an annual fee for a plot of land to garden and they are required to volunteer some of their time to help maintain the location.

"Once it's setup the volunteers run it," said Glenn MacGilvra who's helping to plan and promote the community garden.

Community gardens, he said, are a great way to get a sense of the community.