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Bitchin' Burritos At Bimbos

Bitchin' Burritos At Bimbos

By Keith Vance
October 05, 2007

I ordered the No-Meato burrito and my friend ordered the same but with no guacamole though, I know, strange indeed. In addition to guacamole, the No-Meato burrito comes with salsa, rice, your choice of beans, sunflower seeds, lettuce, sour cream and cheese.

As always, the service at Bimbos was consistently perfect. The servers are nice, but not too nice. They take your order. They bring your food and drinks to your table. They refill your water, and they drop your check. That's my idea of perfect service.

The great service comes cheap too. The No-Meato burrito is priced at $6.95.

It's not just great service and cheap burritos at Bimbos -- they have cheap booze too. During happy hour, well drinks are $2.75, margaritas are $3.50, take a $1 off of nachos and pitchers and $0.50 off of pints. Happy hour is from 5 to 8 every day, and all day on Sunday and Monday. The bar is open until 2 and the kitchen until midnight.

The decor at Bimbos is based on a Mexican wrestler theme. The masked face of the wrestler is peering at you from every wall and all across the front windows. If you look around you can find interesting things glued or painted to the wall or stuck in the corner. In the bathroom there's what appears to be a statue of the Virgin Mary with her face painted to make her look like the Mexican wrestler.

What's the message behind the masked wrestler and the statue in the bathroom? I haven't a clue, but what I do know is if you come to Bimbos, come hungry. I have yet to finish a Bimbos burrito by myself, and today was no different. My friend Amanda -- a burrito aficionado -- finished her burrito.

"I didn't eat anything today because I knew we were coming here," she said.